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Timini Egbuson opens up on greatest regret



Renowned Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson discloses his greatest regret in life; one that has to do with not getting married early.

During an interview on the Madeaux Africa podcast, Timini expressed that his greatest regret is not marrying at an earlier stage in life.

He emphasized that if he possessed greater wisdom during his youth, he would have selected a beloved partner from among his past romantic interests.

Timini Egbuson further fantasized having a 14-year-old child that he could call his if he had taken the bold step of marrying early.

“Honestly, my biggest regret is not settling down early enough. I wish I had picked someone I loved. I mean, one of my young loves then. Maybe by now, I would have had a 14-year-old kid running around,” he said.

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