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“I have to stop reading my DM’s, to protect my sanity” – Actress Iyabo Ojo in tears as Naira culminates to N1500 per dollar, prays for Nigeria



Actress Iyabo Ojo in tears as Naira culminates to N1500 per dollar, prays for Nigeria
Prominent Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo found herself in tears as the Nigerian Naira reached a concerning exchange rate of N1500 per dollar.

Expressing her dismay on her verified Instagram page on February 2nd, 2024, Iyabo Ojo shared her distress about the recent surge, which saw the dollar reaching N1500 on February 1st, 2024.

In her Instagram post, the actress revealed that her direct messages (DM) were flooded with messages from people lamenting the hardship they are currently facing in the country. Iyabo Ojo expressed concern that the prevailing difficulties were causing acute depression, insomnia, increased drug intake, heightened insecurity, irrational behavior, and deteriorating mental health in society.

Given the distressing messages in her DMs, the 46-year-old actress, and mother of two, shared that she had decided to stop reading them to safeguard her own mental well-being. In her heartfelt message, Iyabo Ojo also offered a prayer, asking God to grant the current Nigerian government the wisdom to address the issues at hand before the situation escalates further out of control.

She wrote; “Hardship, causing acute depression, insomnia, an increase in drug intake, which is amounting to the huge volume of insecurity, irrational behavior, and mental health in our society …..
My DM is a testimonial to these facts. Henceforth, I have to stop reading my DM’s ……. .to protect my own sanity. May God grant our govern.”

She accompanied her message to the tears flowing eyelid that is of Nigeria in nature.

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tontolet: My Dm is a mess, I pray for our youths… It’s a huge pandemic.

morufat1234: Things are really hard aswear, I woke up around 4am that’s an hr ago, thinking of what to eat with the kids. Ya Allah, we need you now more than ever 🤲.

hightunesbb: Spaghetti is 800.

bukolaallen: We might think it’s a joke,but the state of economy and exchange rate is giving young Nigeria sleepless and restless nights.

oficialzainab: Diasporians here are afraid of coming home 🏡 due to the insecurity!😢.

olutoye.israel1414: I woke up 2:37am this morning auntie mi..thinking about how I’ll manage my family in this very hard time.I haven’t been sleeping lately…Ki olorun saanu😢😢🙏🏾.

balo_ng: Nigerians voted rightly He didn’t win the Elections Mahmood INEC and the Supreme court connived to announce him the winner in the dead of night while Nigerians slept.

In similar news, the vice president of Nigeria, Shetimma tackles Nigerians on Twitter for celebrating as 1dollar is now approximately N1500 instead of us gathering together to save the nation.

Shettima said, ’’It is not only disheartening and disenchanting but also heartbreaking that yesterday when the Naira culminated to N1,500 to the dollar, instead of us to coagulate into a single force and salvage our nation economy, sadly, some clowns are celebrating on Twitter of an impending implosion of the Nigerian economy.’’

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