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I did more than his family ever did for him – Peruzzi’s former record label manager reveals




In a recent development, singer Paris’ former record label manager Patrick Aignanet has continued to spill more on his impact in the star’s life before their separation.

In an interview with Taris corner on Abuja prime tv, He revealed that he had impacted Peruzzi and had contributed to the star becoming a global superstar. He also revealed that when he had first met Peruzzi, he had spent over 40 million Naira in trying to promote and push Peruzzi as an artist.

He further stated that he had done more for Parisi than his family had ever done for him. He stated how when Parisi had lost his mother, he had been the one who single-handedly footed the burial arrangement for Parisi’s mama and yet all he had met was ungratefulness.

Also recall that two years ago, Patrick had revealed that he had signed Peruzzi to a two-year contract in November 2016 and it was supposed to expire in 2019. However, when he came down with health issues to undergo surgery in 2017, he had used that opportunity to link up with Davido.

He also went on to get his projects released under Davido’s label which was a breach of contract with his label management Golden Boy Entertainment.

Now recall that the split between Patrick and Peruzzi started back in 2018 when Patrick had cried out on social media about the alleged breach of contract from Parisi. It also got worse with Patrick even accusing Parisi of giving records belonging to himself and his label to Davido.

He had stated in 2018 that songs like Fire, Ada, Mind and Aje had all been songs that they had all worked on together in Golden Boy Entertainment’s record label.

However, Peruzzi had handed all of them to Davido. He further went on to release chats between himself and Davido where the letter confirmed that Peruzzi was not officially signed to the DMW and that he, Davido, was just helping a brother.

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