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We are an independent news organization focused on serving the Nigerian audience and the world with verified and undiluted news reports.


Comprehensive Journalism

Producing the highest quality content is the basis for winning the trust of our readers and the public. All of us at Spiral Media TV – the company and every individual –  practice, promote and defend the principles of journalistic integrity.


At Spiral Media TV, we do not aim to sway our readers and the public toward any particular point of view but rather that they understand the facts and thus come to personal conclusions. Therefore, Spiral Media TV aims to provide the whole story after learning about it as best as possible and then explain it in a way that is easy for our readers to understand fully.



We are non-partisan at Spiral Media TV; we decide independently which subjects we cover. We always aim to transmit the entire story without any influence from financial or advertisers’ interests.


Spiral Media TV is conscious of its reach and responsibility. Therefore, the news platform accepts and takes responsibility for any errors it might make and is committed to correcting them in a visible location.


Social commitment

Our team at Spiral Media TV is aware of our responsibility towards society and sets the highest social standards possible to ensure the highest integrity. Enhancing a culture of respect, diversity, and gender equality and safeguarding the health and dignity of our employees, customers, interviewees, and the public are fundamental principles of Spiral Media TV.


You can reach us at newsroom@spiralmediatv.com.ng

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